Teaching schoolchildren the skills of Performance Analysis.

As a teacher and part time sports analyst I realise that sports analysis provides an opportunity to engage children in numeracy, literacy and ICT to name just a few skills.

Performance Analysis is a  growing industry but there is a lot of competition for jobs.  If children develop basic skills early on and want to pursue a career as an analyst then this may improve their chances of employment in the sports industry.  I wish these opportunities had been around when I was at school.

Many skills are required in sports analysis; numeracy, literacy, speaking and listening, ICT, science, presentation and organisational skills.   It could offer an opportunity to the sports enthusiast, who is not top of the class in PE lessons, to achieve in sport.

I have developed an online course using EDMODO to deliver Performance Analysis skills.  I am currently working on an updated scheme of work and resources to teach the skills.

You will need access to the school ICT suite to deliver the lessons.

If you want a copy of the planning get in touch.

A knowledge of statistics will help if you want to develop your skills as an analyst.  The Khan Academy is a great resource to help with this. Get in touch for details. 

Pupils doing hand notation of basketball passing from footage recorded in school.

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